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Continuing Education Testimonials

Kirby was very knowledgeable & passionate about the subject matter. I really don't think I have a least favorite part of the CE, everything felt timed out perfectly. Offer more classes in Cabot! Enjoyed meeting Kirby and hosting, thank you so much for traveling all this way!

Rachel | Intro Hot Stone 

I really enjoyed the session. Kirby is a wonderful presenter- very polite & encouraging.

Shannon | Intro Hot Stone 

 I was comfortable asking any and all questions I could. 

I'm glad I was able to find such and informative & fun class at the last minute! These classes are SUPER helpful for anyone wanting to improve their skills and learn from another experienced & educated MT like Kirby 

Stephanie | Intro Hot Stone

My favorite part was the deeper dive into thermodynamic theory- stuff I forgot. Thank you, thank you. So very well done. Great info, well written & well presented. Very professional and not "dumbed down", liked the use of medical terminology. So well organized & logical.

Patricia | Intro. Spa Hydrotherapy

I learned new techniques and benefits/how they make you feel in this course. This was a great class and the benefits on the body that they have.

Mary | Intro. Spa Hydrotherapy

Kirby was extremely prepared & passionate on the subject matter. The step by step table/protocol instruction greatly benefited my learning. Great class. I feel like I can go home right now and incorprate stones into my practice. Fun, entertaining, and I learned a lot!

Anonymous | Intro Hot Stones

My favorite part of this course was the way Kirby went through everything, then showed, & then assisted very professionally. Kirby was easy to be around and work with. Thank you for everything!

Josh | Intro. Hot Stones

I loved Kirby's energy! Very awesome instructor, I would really like to take more courses with them. Was very prepared, knowledgeable, and patient. I enjoyed watching the demo & practicing what we learned.

Anonymous | Intro. Hot Stone 

I learned a new way of using hot stones! Sitting vs. Running stones, how to prep, etc. Kirby did a great job and is very passionate about hot stones. They were willing to learn new and different aspects and was enjoyable to learn from.

Anonymous | Intro. Hot Stones

I really enjoyed the class. Specifically the way they set stones up in the warmer & draping. I learned how and where to place stones on the body + drapes. Thank you so much for allowing us to attend your class. Cant' wait to take another CE with you.

Anonymous | Intro Hot Stones

I learned more than I expected! Class materials were well organized & well prepared/presented. I felt Kirby's passion & knowledge on the topic. Learning about placement stones during massage was the best part.

Emerald | Intro. Hot Stone 

Kirby was very prepared and knows about hot stones! The information about stones and seeing demo preformed was my favorite part. Proper set up and clean up was helpful to learn. Kirby is a great instructor. Very calm and helpful with material and completely professional. I would and will be looking to take more CEUs with them in the future

Kenneth | Intro. Hot Stone

Watching, learning, and feeling new techniques was the best! Continue working on putting out more classes. Everything about hot stones was new to me. I definitely see myself offering hot stone massages soon! Lots of great information. Kirby's teaching style was excellent with a combination of lecture, powerpoint presentation, question & answer, and hands-on. I will definitely be looking to taking more classes from Kirby soon!

Anonymous | Intro Hot Stones

The relaxed learning environment was my favorite part, keep teaching! I learned new arm techniques to make it easier to do hot stones on arms. One of the best CE classes I have been to.

Anonymous | Intro. Hot Stone

Great, organized, informative class. Would definitely recommend for therapists interested in Hot Stone modality.

Haley | Intro Hot Stone 

Kirby is very prepared, knowledgeable, patient, and kind. I learned about toes stones and how to hold stones/work the arms & wrists. I appreciate Kirby sharing their knowledge and kindness and making learning FUN.

Anonymous | Intro Hot Stone 

I'm so happy I took this class! Kirby is such a talented person and caring teacher. Made me feel welcome all the time and the class was very informative as well as instructive. I know I will be applying everything I learned in class for sure!

Brenda | Intro Prenatal & Postpartum

A Letter to Hosting Sites

This catalog is a comprehensive list of the Continuing Education Courses I provide. All courses are Arkansas Department of Health approved. I have Bundled courses into three or four courses based on theme. All bundles consist of the required eighteen hours for renewal in Arkansas for convenience. But you are welcome to Build Your Own Bundle with the courses a la carte style to customize the education experience for your site and local massage therapy communities. 

            I am available to travel and teach on Sundays & Mondays, with some exceptions available if requested in advance. I hold classes from 9am to 7pm with a 1-hour lunch break around the 12pm (noon) hour. That allows for one full 6-hour course to be completed each day and one 6-hour course split in half between the two days.

       As the hosting site, I respectfully expect you to handle registrations, deposits, and all forms of payments. You are the member of your local community and can answer questions about your site/location easier and better than I can. Prices are set in the course descriptions and are based on the length of each course. I personally require a 50% deposit when hosting CE events myself, but am open to the hosts setting their own deposit requirements they are comfortable with. I am accustom to paying 10%-30% of my total earnings to the host and find that to be fair and reasonable to use a space. Most hosts write or leave a check for me on one the two days I am teaching. 

      I recommend a class size limit of six but absolute maximum of eight registrants per course. I have most materials necessary for my courses but encourage students to bring their own relevant materials and respectfully request access to additional prenatal bolstering systems, massage chairs, massage cups, massage tables, towel warmers as available at your campus. I do not require hosting sites to provide course certificates as I come with my own but appreciate printed proof sheets for students to send in for their renewals (or at least access to print proof pages on-site).

     All courses have a corresponding Google Classroom that I invite students to join before class begins so I request hosting campuses to obtain a list of registrants’ emails. The Google Classrooms have all relevant course instructional materials for them to access before, during, & after the CE events. Registered students will need a Google or Gmail account to join the Classrooms. 
Joining the online Classroom forums is NOT required to attend these CE courses, but is recommended to have indefinite access to course materials (handouts available to print, PowerPoint lectures/lecture videos, PowerPoint protocol steps, suggested further education/articles, quizzes, protocol demonstration videos, and course/presenter evaluation forms). I do not provide printed handouts for students as they can access and print a handout from the Google Classroom forum if they so choose. I find this to be time-efficient and environmentally responsible to eliminate waste from my continuing education courses.

            I have presented and considered holding CE events at other venues but find Massage Schools to be the best fit for me and students. I have had the pleasure of providing CEs at: 

Healing Edge Massage Academy (formerly The Edge School of MassageFayetteville

Arkansas School of Massage Fort Smith

Body Wellness Massage Academy Conway

Radiance School of Massage Hot Springs

Touching America School of Massage Maumelle

Face It Education Center Fayetteville

Arkansas Academy of Massage Cabot

Touch of Joy Spa Searcy

White Lotus Salon & Massage Fayetteville

NEA School of Massage Jonesboro

Francis Massage & Bodywork Mountain Home

Lotus & Crow Paragould

Kimberley Yutsus Massage Therapy  Pineville

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