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Biography & Mission Statement

Massage Therapist, Educator, Historian, & Volunteer


Kirby Clark Ellis, MMT, BCTMB (they/them/theirs) is a graduate of Blue Cliff College's 2014 Massage Therapy program. When asked about what drew them to massage, Kirby remarked that there's always been a passion and affinity for helping people relax. They also site their mother, a disabled widow struggling with fibromyalgia and three herniated discs, as a major influence. "I would come in from school and before momma would go to sleep, I'd come to her bedside and give her amateur massages. That started when I was in middle school, and so massage has always seemed like the right path for me."Since becoming licensed, Kirby has worked with a variety of clients from all walks of life and gained experience with over 6,000 hours of hands-on massage. Specializing in Myofascial Release, Hot Stone, Geriatric, and Massage for relieving Fibromyalgia symptoms, Ellis has made it their goal to always provide exceptional service to the clients that find themselves on the massage table. 

To date, Kirby has taken over 350 hours in Continuing Education. Recently, Ellis has upgraded their Massage License from LMT (Licensed Massage Therapists), and MMT (Master Massage Therapist) to MTI (Massage Therapist Instructor) and had their own CE courses approved by the Arkansas Department of Health and the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. As well as becoming Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork through NCBTMB.​"

I am Kirby Clark Ellis.

I am a Massage Therapist Instructor.

I am Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

I want you to leave the massage table feeling Validated & Respected.


I am here to support your Peace & Healing.


I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you. It is my honor.

I am grateful to you for trusting me with your story and with your body.

Kirby Clark Ellis, MTI, BCTMB

Fayetteville, AR |

Professional Summary

Licensed Master Massage Therapist      Since Oct. 2014

Master Massage Therapist           Since Jun. 2020

Massage Therapist Instructor     Since May 2024

Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork   Since Dec. 2022 

6,737 Hours of Massage Served      Since Jan. 2024

445.5 Hours of Continuing Education Certifications     Since May 2024


Diploma of Massage Therapy | July 2014

Blue Cliff College Fayetteville, AR

775-hour Massage Therapy Program

  Clinicals 1, 2, & 3    105 hours   

    Supervised Student Clinical Practice with Public Clients


    Washington Regional Center for Exercise    6 hours

    Supervised Experience in Chair Massage, Business Coordinator, & Table Massage

    Highlands Oncology Group    10hours

    Supervised Work with Chemotherapy Patients, Nurses, & Staff throughout Facility

Work Experience

White Lotus Salon & Massage

Fayetteville, AR | Jan. 2022 - Present

Independent Contractor/Master Massage Therapist

LaVida Massage

Fayetteville & Bentonville, AR | Nov. 2019 - May 2021, Nov. 2023- Present

Licensed Massage Therapist/Master Massage Therapist

Spa Botanica at Embassy Suites

Rogers, AR | Nov. 2021 - Nov. 2023

Master Massage Therapist

Face It

Fayetteville, AR | May 2021 - Nov. 2021

Independent Contractor/ Master Massage Therapist

Touch Of Divinity at Beauty Centric

Fayetteville, AR | Jul. 2019 - Nov. 2019

Independent Contractor/Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage Envy

Fayetteville, AR | Oct. 2014 - Nov. 2019

Licensed Massage Therapist/Lead Therapist

   *Recipient of 2016 Spirit Award

   *Promoted to Lead Therapist Nov. 2017

Teaching Experience

Kirby Clark Ellis Massage Therapy Courses

Arkansas | May 2021 - Present

Continuing Education Provider, AR Dept. Health & NCBTMB Approved Provider

The Edge School Of Massage

Fayetteville, AR | Apr. 2021 - Dec. 2021

Instructor for Massage Therapy, Spa & General Massage

Blue Cliff College

Fayetteville, AR | Feb. 2020 - Jun. 2020

Instructor for Massage Therapy, Western Approaches & Special Populations

Continuing Education Certificates


   Pregnancy & Post-Partum Massage (25 hours)


   Foundations In Myofascial Release: The Upper Body (20 hours)


   Pain Reduction Through Electro Stimulation (6 hours)

   Body Wrap Basics (6 hours)

   Business Building For The Massage Therapist (6 hours)

   Full Body Hot Stone Massage (6 hours)

   Massage Cupping (6 hours)

   Intro To Heat Modalities: Hot Stones, Warm Bamboo, Heat Packs (12 hours)

   Hot Stone Massage (6 hours)

   Spa & Hydrotherapy (6 hours)


   Introduction To Ayurveda: Doshic Facial Massage (6 hours)

   Introduction To Ayurveda: Abhyanga (6 hours)

   Introduction To Ayurveda: Shirodhara (6 hours)

   Intro To Pressure: Shiatsu - Acupressure + Reflexology (12 hours)

   Intro To The Masso-Facial (6 hours)

   Cut & Counsel: Covid-19 (Arkansas Department Of Health)


   Aromatherapy (2 hours)

   Prenatal Massage & Pathology And Pregnancy (9 hours)

   The Laws And Rules & Regulations Of Arkansas (6 hours)

   The Ethics Of Massage (6 hours)

   Chair Massage 101 (6 hours)

   Tools Of The Trade: Save Your Body, Work Smarter (12 hours)

   River Rocks Foot Soak (6 hours)

   Ethics (2 hours)

   Business Ethics (3 hours)

   Bodywork Cupping (2 hours)

   Centering Diversity, Inclusion, And Equity In Our Practices (1 hour)

   Cultural Competency For Massage Therapists (1 hour)

   Implicit Bias: Interrupting The Stories That Prevent Us From Delivering Optimal Care (1.5 hours)

   Creating An Affirming & Inclusive Practice (2 hours)

   Challenging Racism In The Massage Industry (2 hours)

   Safestones (12 hours)

   Antiracism For Health Care Providers (1 hour)

   Principles For Business Success & Sales (6 hours)

   Regulatory Issues & Arkansas Law (6 hours)

   Be There (Born This Way Foundation)


   Sex Trafficking Awareness And How Massage Therapists Can Help Survivors (1 hour)

   Facial Lymph Massage (6 hours)

   Working With Ancient Oils (6 hours)

   Percussion Massage Basics (0.5 hours)


   Applications of Massage Cupping (9 hours)

   Cranial-Sacral Therapy (18 hours)

   Precision Neuromuscular Therapy for the Low Back (8 hours)

   Effective Soft-Tissue Strategies for Plantar Fasciitis & Planter Fasciosis (4 hours)

   Managing Risk in Your Massage Practice (2 hours)

   Trauma-Informed Practice: An Evidence-Based Approach to Holistic Care (2 hours)

   Tailoring Massage Sessions with Ladder of Engagement Protocols (6 hours)

   Gentle Massage of the Muscles of Respiration (4 hours)

   Innovative Approaches to Care: Massage Therapy & Whole Person Health (1.5 hours)

   Barefoot Bodyworks: Ashi-Stretch (12 hours)

   A Doctor's Note Isn't Good Enough... and what is better (2 hours)

   Cornerstones Parts 1-24 (25 hours)

   Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy Part I (18 hours)

   Easing Pregnancy Pain (1 hour)

   Mother's Massage: A Guide to Prenatal & Postpartum Massage & Wellness (2 hours)

   Ethical Dilemmas Fully Exposed (1 hour)

   A Detailed Approach to Sidelying Techniques: Part 1 - Shoulder (1 hour)

   A Detailed Approach to Sidelying Techniques: Part 2 - Back (1 hour)

   A Detailed Approach to Sidelying Techniques: Part 3 - Hip (1 hour)

   Barefoot Bodyworks: Ashiatsu Bar Basics (12 hours) 

   The Walton Pressure Scale (1 hour)

   Pregnancy And Massage (3 hours)

   Pregnancy And Massage: Advanced Practice (3.5 hours)


   Reflexology: Self Care Techniques (Dexterity Professional Development)

   Business Basics: Practical Considerations (Dexterity Professional Development)

   Compression Syndromes: Professional Considerations (Dexterity Professional Development)

   Trauma: Professional Considerations (Dexterity Professional Development)

    The Science Of Learning: Understanding The Brain To Transform Teaching (1.5 hour)

    Best Practices For Keeping Your Course Content Fresh & Current (1 hour)

    Beyond The Textbook: Active Learning For Long-Term Retention (1 hour)

    Mentoring Factulty, Staff, & Students (1 hour)

    Promoting Collegiality In The Classroom (1 hour)

    AMTA 2024 Massage Profession Research Report (1.5 hour)

    Admissions, Retention, & Student Support: Optimizing Limited Resources In Your School (1 hour)

    Building Connections To Support Success In Massage Therapy Graduates (1 hour)

    Marketing Your Program & Attracting Students (1 hour)

    Mandated Reporter Online Training (2 hours)

    Integrating Orthopedic Massage Assessment With Treatment: Neck, Shoulder, Back, & Knee  Injuries (7 hours)

    Craniosacral Therapy... What Is It Really? (2.5 hours)

    Foot Reflexology 1 & 2: Benefits, Philosophy, & The 34 Points (1.5 hours)

    Foot Reflexology 3: Hands-On Techniques (1 hour)

    Ayurvedic Holistic Philosophy & Chakra System (1.5 hours)

    The First Five Days: Creating A Culture Of Academic Success (2 hours)

    Pregnancy, Oncology, & Geriatric Massage (12 hours)

    CranioSacral Therapy Introduction (12 hours)

    How To Become A CE Provider (2 hours)

    Diversity: Cultural Competence (1 hour)

Approved Continuing Education Courses

NCBTMB Approved Courses

Full Body Hot Stone Massage (18 hours)

Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity: Cultural Competency Training for Massage Therapists (6 hours)

Full Body Cupping Massage (18 hours)

Chair Massage Four Ways: Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Bamboo, & Percussion (6 hours)

ADH Approved Courses

Massage Therapy Laws & Rules (3 hours)

Business, Resume, & Portfolio Workshop For Massage Therapists (3 hours)

Foundations Of Massage Therapy (6 hours)

Intro. To Spa Hydrotherapy: Scrubs, Wraps, & Facial Massage (6 hours)

Intro. To Full Body Hot Stone Massage (6 hours)

Intermediate Full Body Hot Stone Massage (6 hours)

Advanced Full Body Hot Stone Massage (6 hours)

Intro. To Prenatal & Postpartum Massage (6 hours)

Chair Massage: Four Ways (6 hours)

Intro. To Cupping: Myofascial Release & Decompression (6 hours)

Thermo-Theory (6 hours)

Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity: Cultural Competency Training For Massage Business (6 hours)

Massage Therapists ~ Mandated Reporters

Continuing Education Courses have been provided at the following locations: 

Healing Edge Massage Academy (formerly The Edge School Of Massage)


Arkansas School Of Massage

   Fort Smith

Body Wellness Massage Academy


Radiance School Of Massage

   Hot Springs

Touching America School Of Massage Therapy Technology


Face It Education Center


Arkansas Academy Of Massage


Touch Of Joy


White Lotus Salon & Massage 


NEA School Of Massage


Francis Massage & Bodywork

   Mountain Home

Lotus & Crow


Kimberley Yutsus Massage Therapy


Spa 1905

   Eureka Springs

A Touch For Health School Of Therapy Technology


CAM Collaborative: Master Massage Learning

   Little Rock

Squeeze Massage


Volunteer Service

Chair Massage Events


Race For The Cure (3 hours)

   with Blue Cliff College

Outdoor Cap Company (2 hours)

   with Blue Cliff College 


RazorFest (2 hours)

   with Massage Envy

NWA Pride Parade (1 hour)

   proceeds/donations to benefit Pulse Nightclub Massacre Families


Student Appreciation at the University Of Arkansas (4 hours)

   with LaVida Massage 

Volunteer Positions



Licensure Level Ad Hoc Committee

   with the Massage Therapy Technical Advisory Committee & Arkansas Department of Health


Board Member

   American Massage Therapy Association, Arkansas Chapter



    American Massage Therapy Association, Arkansas Chapter


Diploma, License, & Continuing Education

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