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Greetings, Sacred Clients, Colleagues, & Students 
2014 - 2024
Celebrating Ten Years of Massage Therapy

I am Kirby Clark Ellis, MTI, BCTMB.

Welcome to a chronicle of my Massage Therapy journey and a resource for other massage therapists as well as clients.

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What I Want You To Know Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays, Pop Culture Fridays

7,239 Hours Of Massage Served

Total Career Unit Tracker as of 7/1/24




I use the Intake with the client for their first visit and have the client fill it out between every 6-12 months or as their health history changes.


I use SOAPs for every single session the client receives regardless of session length. The client fills out the first (front) page before the session/during Intake, and the therapist fills out the second (back) pages.

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